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Get To Know Ned


Family, Business, Community Service

Raising A Family In Puyallup - I  married by sweetheart Karilee over 35 years ago. We were blessed with four great kids born over a span of thirteen years. They all graduated from Puyallup public schools, and now we're in the grand-baby business with three beautiful grandchildren.

Successful Business Career - Looking  back on my career in the private sector, I was blessed. After earning my undergraduate degree in accounting, and then a Masters in Business Administration, I worked as a CPA until I bought Print Northwest with a couple of business partners, and together, we grew the company from 20 to 160 employees. 

Community Volunteer - In addition to service for my church, it's been my honor to work on a variety of school district committees, as a unit leader and council board member for the Boy Scouts, board member League of Women Voters, state coordinator for Better Angels, and volunteer coordinator for No Labels whose mission is to combat partisan dysfunction in America.

I appreciate your vote, suggestions, and donations. Thanks!